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Badminton Singles Ladder - See ranking below:

Badminton Singles League (Ongoing):

Come join us for singles badminton play during open hours by completing this google form below. Your submitted information will be placed into a Whats' App group where you can challenge others to singles play during any open play sessions at Rally Niagara. Ladder play is free to monthly members or $10 to non-monthly members (session rate for open play). The ladder will updated regularly on this "Singles Ladder" tab of website and players are able to challenge individuals that are up to four rungs above or below standings. In order to issue a challenge, players communicate via text, whats' app, e-mail, phone, or in person. Players challenged have up to 3 days to reply and respond to challenge with agreed upon time to meet and play. If contact info is needed a message can be sent to administrator via text -716-250-7738 or by e-mail - A challenge consists of a best 2 of 3 singles games to 21 points (win by 2) in which participants names and scores will then need to be reported by e-mail to administrator, Ladder standing will then be adjusted to reflect movement up or down in ladder. If there is a non-response after 3 days, an e-mail can be sent to administrator to assist with connection. Initial sign-up is ongoing and when sign-up occurs you will be placed into  a pre-determined spot to start based on self-evaluated level selected on filled out in form. Good luck and enjoy. Sign-up and current ladder below,

* 4 skill levels for choice of entry: 1) Novice, 2) Intermediate, 3) Intermediate/ Competitive, 4) Advanced


* Ongoing challenge

* Cost per League is free for monthly members, $10 for non-monthly members (Includes open play that evening as well)

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