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Youth Badminton Instruction

This coming fall season we have an exciting offering of instructional badminton classes for youth (ages 7 to 18) on Sunday afternoons starting September 25th. Small group coaching is performed by a dedicated team of screened coaches that are passionate about instructing and training youth on various badminton skills, drills, and strategies as well as coordinated game play.

Classes are 10 weeks in duration and include a pizza party after last class. A badminton tournament will also be held in mid-December in which interested Rally Niagara students and other youth in the community are eligible to participate in.

Class offerings are as follows with registration "button" below:

Sunday, 10 week classes - $129 (Sep 25 - Dec 4) Excludes Nov 13th - * 1:30 PM to 3 PM *

* Novice Ages 7-11
* Novice Ages 12+ 
* Intermediate Ages 7-11 
* Intermediate Ages 12+
* Advanced Ages 13+ 

(There will be an evaluation at first class to ensure students are placed in an appropriate age/skill group)

Deadline for class registration is Thursday, Sept. 22nd. See registration button link below for youth classes. Come join us for a fun enjoyable sport that is great exercise and fun team play.

We'll see you out on the courts!

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