Youth Badminton Instructional Class (Sunday's)

Class information is detailed below. Registration deadline is Friday, Mar 6th:

Sunday's, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM or

Sunday's, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Dates: Mar 8 - May 17 (10 weeks)

Cost: $62 ($70 if non-member)

Ages: 6 -18 

Students will be placed into groups of similar skill, playing ability, and age. The basics of badminton will be taught through instruction, games, and fun activities. Correct grip, different types of service, overhead strokes, underhand strokes, basic footwork badminton rules, scoring, & etiquette will be learned. 


Those students with prior badminton experience will achieve a higher level of consistency hitting the bird, proper footwork, and court strategy. Instruction will include various badminton shots that include clears, drops, smashes, net shots, lifts, and game play strategy. Preparation for tournament play will be emphasized. 

Experienced badminton students will learn advanced techniques and strategies for playing at a high skill level. There will be a focus on precision, speed, agility, and stamina through conditioning. Students will be encouraged to "go that extra mile" in order to compete at a high level in regional tournament play.

Opportunities to participate in tournament play with other badminton clubs and youth from school badminton programs is offered. Sunday class includes end of season pizza party.

**All Rally Niagara youth coaches are background screened and are certified in Safety Sports Training.


 We'll see you out on the Courts!


Mike Hacker  - Owner


David Kelly - Owner


6205 Main St.

Williamsville, NY 14221


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