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Michael Hacker & David Kelly

Michael Hacker

Club Owner & Manager


Mike Hacker's passion has been to create a fun and enjoyable environment for youth and adults through the sport of Badminton & Pickleball.  Rally Niagara currently has two locations in Williamsville, NY.  It offers an exciting and dynamic program that is open to all in the community. 

As a badminton professional for the past 30+ years, Mike, has managed many adult & youth tournaments and currently holds a level 1 USA Badminton coaching certification. He has traveled extensively and participated in many tournaments as a player  in various locales that include Seattle, WA , Portland, OR, Colorado Springs, CO, Washington DC, and London, England.

As a pickleball professional for the past 5 years, Mike has managed leagues, tournaments, and instructional programs and has earned coaching certification through Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR). 

Recently in Jan 2018, Mike was the recipient of a Community Leaders Award from the National Federation of Just Communities for WNY in the area of sports. He was recognized as making significant contributions to this region through his involvement in volunteer activities and special achievements in specific areas of community and professional life with the promotion of goodwill, understanding, respect, and trust.

"As a badminton player and coach it is an honor to be able to share my passion for the sport with all - youth, adults, families, seniors, etc. I love how it brings diverse people together in a common bond of friendship."

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