Badminton & Pickleball

Open Play:

See calendar for open play schedule.

Badminton: $10 per person

Pickleball: $8 per person

Facility features:


* Badminton -2 mats, 4 wood courts

* Pickleball - up to 5 wood courts

* Table Tennis -1 court

Badminton open play hours:

7 Days a week - 6 PM to 10:30

* Court reservation also available *

Pickleball open play hours: (Effective Oct 8th)

Sat, Sun - 8:30 AM to 12:30  PM

* Court reservation also available *

Table Tennis:

* Court reservation availability *

What to expect ?

​Come join us for an enjoyable time of social, recreational, and competitive badminton & pickleball. It's a great social and recreational time for families, students, and individuals looking to get some exercise.

Reservation for open play can be made online via the reservation tab or text to 716-250-7738, or via drop-in if there is sufficient room available. Open play schedule can be found on our online Calendar.


Also, consider joining us for structured league play coming soon. Registration for leagues can be made individually under League tab.

Image by Joan Azeka