Meet our team

Coach Mike

Youth Basic instructor

Club Manager


Mike Hacker has played badminton for over 30 years and has participated in tournaments and club play in the USA, Canada, and England. He is coaching certified through USA badminton and has instructed youth and adults through at various school programs, community education and at Rally Niagara. Coach Mike instructs the Youth novice group.

Coach Christina

Youth Basic Instructor

Christina Malyn-Gossett ​started playing badminton seven years ago after watching her father compete in the National Senior Games Association Badminton championships. From the moment she got her first racket, Christina fell in love with the sport; entering tournament competition five years ago around Western New York, and Toronto. Christina earned her Master's degree in Elementary education and has been working with children on many levels for many years, ranging from teaching Sunday school to working in a day care center.

Coach Benna

Youth Basic instructor


Bena Lun began playing badminton in 2009 in her native country, Canada. She is currently a member of the Rally Niagara Badminton Club and plays in an advanced badminton club through the Ken-Ton Community Education program. Bena plays at a high level in regional tournaments and in addition to badminton, enjoys tennis, skiing, and doting on her three cats.

Coach Hetram

Youth Basic instructor


Hetram Sookdeo has played badminton during his high school in Guyana, South America. He joined Rally Niagara badminton club in 2011 for fun, making new friends and relaxation.  He lived in Amherst with his wife and three children for the past 19 years and enjoys playing the game and coaching younger children in the sport.  His youngest son, Chet attends the coaching sessions and enjoy being with his friends at the club.

Coach Liz

Youth Basic Instructor

Qian (Elizabeth) Zhang has played badminton for over 16 years. She started to get her training when she was in middle school in China.  She treated the basic training of arms and steps as the same importance of the strategies of competitive badminton games. She would love to share her experience and enthusiasm towards badminton with more people.

MBA Profile Picture2.jpeg
Coach Muhammad
Coach Lam

Youth Intermediate Instructor

Lam Zhang from Fujian, China, playing badminton for more than 15 years, loves badminton and is keen to study technical movements. He has rich training and competition experience for amateurs and has participated in many faculty competitions in Beijing universities. By participating in the Rally Niagara Badminton Club's coaching activities, I hope I can help more people understand and love badminton, and enjoy the happiness and growth in this sport.

Coach Rich

Youth Intermediate Instructor

Rich Caputi ​started playing badminton about 30 years ago and has enjoyed it ever since.  He enjoys playing in tournaments as well as the club and is a regular at Rally Niagara Badminton club. He also enjoys coaching the younger players and challenging them to reach for their potential best and have fun!  All players can keep improving and having more fun no matter how new or experienced they are!

Youth Inter/Adv Instructor

Muhammad Bin Abdullah started playing cricket at early age just like everyone else in Pakistan, but abandoned it completely when he picked up a badminton racket. His playing experience is over 30 years. The love of badminton has transferred to. his 16 year old son, Ammar and 12 year old daughter, Asiyah. Muhammad is a

6 time title winner in the Massachusetts state championship and 11 time winner in the Rochester Open. He also became a USBA certified umpire in 2000.

Coach Navin

Youth Inter / Adv Instructor

Navin Agrawal has played competitive badminton for over 15 years.  Early in his life, he wasn't very active physically and had troubles with chest congestion every winter. As he took on learning badminton in Jamshedpur (a small steel city in India), alongside State level players, his health improved within the first year and became free of his condition.  He continued playing badminton wherever his job took him in India and UK. During winter of 2011, he joined Rally Niagara Badminton. He currently resides in Cheektowaga with his wife, Sonia and is looking forward to sharing his passion for the sport of badminton


Administration "watch dog"

Buddy loves badminton and is an occasional visitor to the club. His favorite snacks are well worn aeroplane feather birdies. 


Coach Praveen

Youth Advanced Instructor


Praveen Arany is a badminton enthusiast who started playing in middle school and has been active for the past 30 years. He has been competing in local and regional tournaments and loves playing less competitively these days due to time constraints. Praveen joined Rally Niagara in the fall of 2015 when he moved to Buffalo with his family. His wife, Hema and daughter, Niki love to play badminton besides enjoying the many activities in the Buffalo-Niagara region. He currently coaches the advanced youth group focusing on technique and game strategies.   

Coach Zarni

Youth Advanced Instructor

Zarni Htay has played  International Open badminton for over 10 years for Myanmar National team. Started playing badminton since he was 12 years old with his parents who also played and coached badminton for the Mandalay State. He is 4 times Myanmar National Champions and played more than 20 open and international tournaments. He joined Rally Niagara Badminton in 2014. He currently resides in East Amherst with his wife, Jessica and two kids and is looking forward to sharing his passion for the sport of badminton.