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​The Rally Niagara Fall Classic Youth Badminton Tournament is scheduled for Sunday, December 11th from 1 PM to 6:30 PM. It is a "singles" play tournament featuring round robin and double elimination game play.

​Registration is now open for youth in 4 age brackets -U10, U13, U16 and U19. Flyer is attached below with tournament details. Registration for event is required on Location/Registration tab.

Deadline to register is Thursday, Dec 8th

No 3:30 to 6:30 open badminton will be held on Dec. 11th 


Congratulations to the winners of the

2016 Christian Academy of WNY Badminton Tournament that took place on Nov 29th.

Grade 2-3

1st - Jace Poeller (13), 2nd - Abigail Clancy (6)

Grade 4-5

1st - Daniel Brumbaugh (13), 2nd - Jonathan Hacker (11)

Grade 6-8

​1st - Caleb Poeller (21), 2nd - Matthew Warren (13)


​Youth from Rally Niagara took part in the 2016 Fernando Youth Badminton Academy's Annual Open Championship that was held in Brampton, Ontario. Round Robin group winners were placed into single elimination brackets at 4 age levels. Congratulations to all who participated in this challenging competitive tournament.

U12 participants were Phoebe Abadi & Zoe Bowers
U14 participants were David Hacker & Brooke Bowers
U16 participants were Daniel Hacker & Mark Chang
U19 participants were Tyler Mirando & Paige Moreno

Group winners were:
Daniel Hacker (U16), Mark Chang (U16), & Tyler Mirando (U19)

Mark Chang competed and played well in the U16 final, but lost a couple of tough games 21-12, 21-11.

​Rally Niagara Badminton is affiliated with USA Badminton (USAB). USAB is the recognized national governing body for the sport of badminton in the United States headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.

​A 2008 study by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association reported that approximately 1,362,000 people play badminton frequently in the US.  Badminton is truly a growing sport in the US as well as on the international level. 
​​Rally Niagara Badminton Club

Rally Niagara Badminton -Adult club members 

​Congratulations to all who participated in our regional badminton tournament on Sunday, May 15th, 2016. 72 students competed in various age brackets in round robin and double elimination games. Complete results can be access via button. Winners detailed below. 

U10 Boys    -    1st - Daniel Brumbaugh, 2nd - Fengyi Liu, 3rd - Donovan Bowers

U12 Boys A -    1st - Kaylan Lucksiri, 2nd - Henry Millar, 3rd - Daren Liu

U12 Boys B -    1st - Christopher DePinto, 2nd - Jonathan Hacker, 3rd - Yichun Yuan

U14 Boys A -    1st - Ian McDonald, 2nd - Dean Lam, 3rd - Maahim Suri

U14 Boys B -    1st - Michael Wolski, 2nd - Cade Williams, 3rd - Dylan Hendel  

U16 Boys    -    1st - Daniel Hacker, 2nd - Nathan Koop, 3rd - Reysen Odayen

U19 Boys    -    1st - Mark Chang, 2nd - Ray Pan, 3rd - Dilan Hewavitharana

U23 Boys    -    1st - Hongjun Wang

U10 Girls    -    1st - Megan Abadi, 2nd - Mia Hu, 3rd - Emily Sexton

U12 Girls    -    1st - Megan Singer, 2nd - Phoebe Abadi, 3rd - Niharika Arany

U14 Girls    -    1st - Brooke Bowers, 2nd - Thu Mai, 3rd - Yashika Bandara

U16 Girls    -    1st - Senuki Dasanayaka, 2nd - Nitya Chandra

U20 Girls    -    1st - Kirsten Koop, 2nd - Dana Bulger, 3rd - Margaret Millar

Congratulation Casey Middle school badminton club winners -May 30

Cade Williams -2nd place boys gr 5/6

Niharika Arany -1st place girls gr 5/6

Nitya Chandra -1st place girls gr 7/8

Jillian Farber -2nd place girls gr 7/8


It is a great social and recreational game 

Welcome to Rally Niagara Badminton! ​

Rally Niagara is an adult and junior badminton club located in North Tonawanda, NY between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world appealing to all ages and skill levels. It is a social game that can be played at the recreational level or competitively. Its physical and health benefits are outstanding and most important of all, its fun!

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