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2018 Rally Niagara Youth Singles Tournament

U19 Girls winners shown below: Megan (center), Rhea (left), Keerat (right)

The 2018 Fall Youth tournament on Sunday, Dec 9th was an exciting day featuring 69 youth playing 186 games (72 round robin and 114 bracket games) in a time frame of 7 hours. There were some very close games throughout the day. Congratulations to our winners listed below and to all who participated.

U10 Girls: 1st place Nandini Bhadra (Rally Niagara), 2nd place Eva Sanson (Rally Niagara / CAWNY), 3rd place Sariyan Siddiqui (Rally Niagara)

U13 Girls: 1st place Catharine Pang (Peel), 2nd place Sonam Diki (Peel), 3rd place Shritha Thurma (Fernando)

U16 Girls: 1st place Harleen Sangha (Fernando), 2nd place Brooke Bowers (Rally Niagara), 3rd place Niki Arany (Rally Niagara)

U19 Girls: 1st place Megan Swauger (Southwestern), 2nd place Rhea Panashtia (Peel), 3rd place Keerat Juneja (Fernando)

U10 Boys: 1st place Sean Pang (Peel), 2nd place Shawn Singer (Orchard Park), 3rd place Krishna Nandhakumar (Rally Niagara)

U13 Boys A: 1st place Nathan Lo (KC), Aryaveer Anand (Fernando), Jon Hacker (Rally Niagara)

U13 Boys B: 1st place Aaron Matthews (Peel), Arush Chapyala (Rally Niagara), Chet Sookdeo (Rally Niagara)

U16 Boys: 1st place Kshitij Kidambi (Fernando), David Hacker (Rally Niagara), Manish Dinesh (Fernando)

U19 Boys: 1st place Daniel Hacker (Rally Niagara), Ammar Bin Muhammad (Rally Niagara), Reysen Odayen (Fernando)

Bird Guessing - Dev Avasarala (134 shuttles -right on), Bird Catch: Arush Chapyala (7), Bird Tower Build: Krishna Nandhakumar (23 high)

Most exciting and closest games of the afternoon:

Round robin: 

1) Top U19 male and female player faced each other in a special game up to 11 -Result - Dan Hacker 11, Megan Swauger 10

2) U16 Girls: Brooke Bowers (Rally Niagara) 11, Harleen Sangha (Fernando) 10

3) U19 Girls: Rhea Panashtia (Peel) 11, Keerat Juneja (Fernando) 10

4) U16 Boys: David Hacker (Rally Niagara), 11, Manish Dinesh (Fernando) 10


1) U10 Girls: Eva Sansone (Rally Niagara/CAWNY) 13, Sariyan Siddiqui (Rally Niagara) 11

2) U13 Girls: Catharine Pang (Peel) 18, Sonam Diki (Peel) 16 - OT

3) U16 Girls: Harleen Sangha (Fernando) 22, Niki Arany (Rally Niagara) 20 - OT

4) U16 Girls: Zoe Bowers (Rally Niagara) 22, Hargun Bhalla (Fernando) 20 - OT

5) U19 Girls: Rhea Panashtia (Peel) 21, Keerat Juneja (Fernando) 16

6) U10 Boys: Tyler Woodward (CAWNY) 13, Milan Singh (Rally Niagara) 11

7) U10 Boys: Sean Pang (Peel) 13,11,13, Shawn Singer (Orchard Park) 11,13,8

8) U13 Boys: Rohun Panashtia (Peel) 15, Surya Avasarala (Rally Niagara) 13

9) U13 Boys: Nathan Lo (KC) 15,14,15, Aryaveer Anand (Fernando) 2,16,11

10) U13 Boys B: Chet Sookdeo (Rally Niagara) 18, Nisal Walukulu Arachchi (Fernando) 16 - OT

11) U16 Boys: Sandeep Samarabandu (Peel) 28, Connor Beacock-Schmura (Fort Erie) 26 - OT

12) U16 Boys: Nikhil Vaddadi (Rally Niagara) 21, Nathan Wetzel (Rally Niagara) 19

13) U16 Boys: Kshitij Kidambi (Fernando) 15,21,21, David Hacker (Rally Niagara) 21,7,12

14) U19 Boys: Daniel Hacker (Rally Niagara) 16,21,21, Ammar Bin Muhammad (Rally Niagara) 21,19,19

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