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** Mixed Doubles Pickleball Tournament **

Saturday, June 15th @ Zion

** Recreational Group **

It was an exciting afternoon at Rally Niagara on Saturday, Jun 15th for our first mixed doubles tournament event. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winning team outlined below. 18 teams total competed at a recreational & competitive level. The game play was fast and furious (in a fun way of course) as some teams got to experience others for the first time in round robin game play and then in an elimination phase culminating with a finals game and 3rd place game. Detailed below are the tournament files results, photos, and recap write-up beginning with our recreational group.

Mixed Doubles Tournament
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Recreational Level:

The recreational leve consisted of 8 teams. Robert Oshei & Anne Shaw dominated right out of the gate in the round robin in group A finishing 3-0 and not allowing a team more than 6 points in a 15 point game. In group B, Joseph & Jill Greco also finished 3-0 playing strong and strategic against competitors. All teams made it out of the round robin and this is where Robert & Anne kicked it into high gear allowing opponents only 5 points total in 3 games capturing 1st place. Robert commented later on saying that "we are ready for the competitive play next time around".

Left (Joe & Jill), Center (Robert & Anne), Right (Linda & Ashish)

1st Place (Gold) - Robert & Anne 15-2 over 2nd Place (Silver) - Joe & Jill

3rd Place (Bronze) - Ashish & Linda 15-10 over Richard & Ana

Competitive Level:

The competitive level consisted of 2 round robin groupings. Many of the participants were former doubles progressive league winners over the years and included Winn Nguyen, Kent Langerman, Michael McGowan, Toni Gigante, Michael Hacker, & Kit-Myer-Post. So it was sure to be an exciting event. Michael McGowan & Stephanie Perrotti showed early on that they meant business with convincing wins in group A and finishing 4-0. In group B, it was an exciting finish that came down to the last round of play with Tom Gehl & Kimberly Wagner (4-0) winning a close 11-10 game over Rich Caputi and Bena Lun (3-1) securing 1st place in the group.

Competitive Group

In the elimination phase, things got interesting with Bobby Majdanik & Doris Mo who played together for the first time coming back from an 8-1 deficit against Joseph Greco & Carolyn Barberio to score the last 10 points to make it to the semi-finals and then upsetting the top team from group B, Tom & Kimberly 11-7. Unfortunately their cinderella run was put to a halt in the finals as Michael & Stephanie were too tough to beat.

Left (Bobby & Doris, Center (Stephanie & Mike), Right (Tom & Kimberly)

1st Place (Gold) - Michael & Stephanie 15-2 over 2nd Place (Silver) - Bobby & Doris

3rd Place (Bronze) - Tom & Kimberly 15-6 over David & Alyssa

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