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Rally Niagara Open Doubles Tournament

Thank you to those who participated in Rally Niagara's Fall Classic doubles badminton tournament on Nov 18th. 74 teams competed in three events (MD, WD, XD) and the game play was intense. Congratulation to our winners and runner-ups listed below.

A gracious thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped make this event an enjoyable one. Without their hard work and dedication events like this would not be possible. Rally Niagara coaches and members that volunteered included - Cara Hacker, Daniel Chan, Praveen Arany, Christina Malyn, Rich Caputi, Desigan Kumaran, Benna Lun, Navin Agrawal, Robert Glendenning and others.

A special thank you again to Ally Marella for blessing us with her singing of the Canadian and US national anthems. Final results from tournament are shown below:

Men's A: Chris Low / Rem Tsai 21,21 Zarni Htay / Redwan Muzahid 17,18

Men's B: Desigan Kumaran / Praveen Arany 21,21,21 Shivam Sahu / Sujith Sajeev 23,14,13

Men's C: Yulin Pan / Daniel Hacker 23,21 Rama Kumar Pullata / Nageswara Rao 21,18

Women's A: Becky Wong / Karman Teoh 21,21 Sahar Massarat / Abigail Ng 16,16

Women's B: Jo Nguyen / Elizabeth Zhang 21,21 Lynn Ng / Jenny Tran 10,10

Women's C: Zoe Bowers / Niki Arany 21,13,21 Julie Connelly / Carmen Tang 13,21,19

Mixed A: Zarni Htay / Christina Malyn 21,21 Logan Dayus / Abigail Ng 8, 9

Mixed B: Ziggy Xu / Elizabeth Zhang 2 1,13,21 Desigan Kumaran / Carmen Tang 19,21,14

Mixed C: Nageswara Rao / Divya Nerabetla 21,21 Keith Bowman / Dorothea Waddle 12,16

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