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Tournament Excitement @ Rally Niagara

Updated: May 28, 2021

AB Tournament Group - 12 teams

Rally Niagara hosted two doubles badminton tournaments on the weekend of May 22nd & 23rd. The game play was intense as players from as far as Ohio participated. A couple of "A" teams from the Rochester area infused much excitement into the mix as well. A couple of Rally Niagara youth teams took part as well in the CD event and brought quickness and experience to the field.

An intense "A" final 3rd game between Chris Low & Andy Liu and Zarni Htay & Redwan Muzahid went back and forth until Chris & Andy prevailed 23-21. It could have gone either way as bothe teams were so close in skill and ability. Zarni & Redwan had a 20-18 lead, but let a couple of match points go by the wayside.

A special shout out to Cow Bubble for providing delicious bubble tea at our Saturday night event. Thank you David Vu. #Cowbubble