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Youth Badminton: Tournament Excitement at Rally Niagara!

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Rally Niagara hosted its end of season youth badminton tournament on Saturday, Dec 9th featuring round robin game play followed by elimination brackets for both girls and boys. 8 event categories were played - U11 Boys & Girls, U13 Boys & Girls, U15 Girls, U 16 Boys, U17 Girls, & U19 Boys. 45 students participated in 6 hours of afternoon game. The game play was exciting as Rally Niagara youth were joined by local community players, and players from Milton, Ontario, and a large contingent of students from Fernando Badminton Academy.

Thank you to all who participated and congratulation to all our winners. Attached is a summary of the tournament event as well as winners and some photos below.

Tournament Results
Download XLSX • 92KB

Under 11 -Boys:

1st place - Shivaank (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Ayaansh (Rally Niagara)

3rd place - Oscar (Fernando)

Under 11 -Girls:

1st place - Arisha (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Ashley (Rally Niagara)

3rd place - Kiana (Fernando)

Under 13 -Boys:

1st place - Aiden (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Kaden (Fernando)

3rd place - Kurt (Rally Niagara)

Under 13 -Girls:

1st place - Pranavi (Fernando)

2nd place - Suhani (Rally Niagara)

3rd place - Ajooni (Fernando)

Under 15 -Girls:

1st place - Eva (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Avreet (Fernando)

3rd place - Ruheen (Fernando)

Under 16 -Boys:

1st place - Augustin (Fernando)

2nd place - Kanishk (Milton)

3rd place - Arnav (Fernando)

Under 17 -Girls:

1st place - Vaishnavi (Fernando)

2nd place - Ashka (Fernando)

3rd place - Irfana (Rally Niagara)

Under 19 -Boys:

1st place - Robbie (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Eric (Williamsville South)

3rd place - Cyrus (Williamsville South)

Consolation - Oscar (Williamsville South)

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