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Youth Singles Tournament - Jun 12th

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Rally Niagara Singles Tournament Participants - Singles Tournament


Sunday, Jun 12th was an exciting day of badminton play featuring youth from Rally Niagara, the local community, Ontario, and a young man all the way from Houston, TX. Round Robin games were played at the following levels (U11, U13 , U16, and U19). Elimination games followed and were very intense and fun to watch. Tournament file attached below along with photo link. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners listed below:

2022_Singles Tournament Results
Download XLSX • 227KB

Facebook photos:


U11 Boys & Girls:

1st place - Arro C. (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Shivaank S. (Rally Niagara)

Consolation - Brady M. (Rally Niagara)

U13 Girls:

1st place - Eva S. (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Irfana S. (Rally Niagara)

Consolation - Senna C. (Lions Badminton Club)

U13 Boys:

1st place - Shawn S. (Rally Niagara)

2nd place - Milan S. (Rally Niagara)

Consolation - Pranav B. (Rally Niagara)

U16 Girls:

1st place - Sarah S. (Burgard)

2nd place - Gina Z. (Rally Niagara)

No Consolation

U16 Boys:

1st place - Teague C. (Lions Badminton Club)

2nd place - Zaph B. (Houston Badminton Academy)

Consolation - Daniel A. (Casey Middle)

U19 Boys:

1st place - Brayden C. (Lions Badminton Club)

2nd place - Simon L. (Rally Niagara)

Consolation - Eric M. (Williamsville South)

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